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Vintz plastics is one of Kenya’s leading recycling companies and operates as a social enterprise focused on developing viable sustainable solutions in the circular economy through recycling and waste management with the goal of a greener planet and cleaner environment for future generations.

The task at hand requires accelerating to the transition to a circular economy away from the current linear model on order to reduce the use and preserve the planet’s natural resources. To facilitate this transition, Through our mission to reduce waste pollution though plastics recycling, Vintz Plastics has positioned its operations to address social, cultural and economic barriers through a wealth of knowledge and experience.  These efforts are directed at improving value chain manufacturing processes, creating awareness on sustainable consumption patterns, responsible resource utilization and waste management.

Our Vision

Leading the way of the circular economy through our recycling operations and offer new perspectives and forward-thinking solutions that act as an incentive to adopt the principles of recycling and hereby accelerating the transition to a better circular economy leading the way to zero waste.

Our Values

• Recycling of the key varieties of plastics

• Creating a high value cycle

• Environmental preservation and protection

• Social and cultural empowerment

• Waste management policy framework

• Cross partnerships with industries, businesses and households

• Innovative waste management solutions

Our Story

Right from the inception over 10 years ago, Vintz Plastics and our partner companies Kipplast were set up from a passion for sustainable living and eliminating waste especially for future generations. Having realized the growing impact of plastic waste and the slow adoption of the circular economy, we have charted a course to do facilitate the recycling of plastics to make a larger impact that is powered by people, technology and consulting on policies to grow the plastics recycling industry in East Africa by example.

Our shared vision is to reduce the impact of plastic waste that ends up in dump sites, rivers, landfills and in the oceans by closing the loop through adopting the 7Rs of recycling and remanufacturing plastic waste for renewed consumer and industrial use. The end goal is greener planet and cleaner environment and oceans, reduced carbon emissions, a more knowledgeable general populace, dignified opportunities for employment by converting waste into wealth and working with partners, stakeholders, legislators and regulators in building an environmental and plastics policy framework that is based on the principles of the circular economy.

Over the last 10 years, Vintz plastics has grown in leaps and bounds investing in labour, facilities and equipment to streamline our recycling operations to guarantee high quality raw materials to our clients. As a result, we have recycled about 54,000 tonnes of plastic waste in that time. This is driven in part by the growth of our network though vendors, partners and communities living in informal settlements with collection centres in Kisumu, Mombasa, Nairobi and Nakuru.

An accelerated transition to the circular economy will see an increased demand and value for recycled products. Through collaboration, our contribution of recycling as much plastics as we can will be essential to the circular economy in changing the conversation on reducing the impact of plastic waste in the environment.

Our Leadership Team

Mr. Mavji Varsani

A creative and enterprising serial entrepreneur with an interest in sustainable living and eco-friendly and energy saving buildings, he has vast experience in various fields of construction and architecture, his business interests include Real Estate, Finance, Information Technology and has a deep passion in Education and Environmental sustainability with a major interest in the circular economy via recycling and creating new products from end of life products.

Mr. Dinesh Halai

Dinesh has a love for engineering and is a inventor and innovator, from an early age he has been actively learning and researching on ‘Juggad’ thinking which focuses on modifying and redesigning farm implements to create simple tools that increase production on farms in the rural sector, he then started modifying engines and construction equipment which started his journey as a entrepreneur, establishing one quarry and the first business grew it into multiple businesses, this was the beginning of his journey as a serial entrepreneur and social innovator.

It is in 2008 that he saw the effects of plastics on the environment and began his research into plastics and in 2010 established Vintz Plastics and has grown it from a single machine unit to the current leader in the recycling sector, he has designed and fabricated various types of machines used in the plastic recycling industry, some of these include hot and cold washing machines with an intellectual property on the water filtering system, blow moulding machines and now is designing a single stop plastic recycling machine which will soon be on the prototyping stage.

Mrs. Vanita Halai

Vanita is a self made business woman and has always stood by her husband Dinesh, she has been actively involved in the finance sector and specializes in forex trading, she is also a serial entrepreneur, working in the finance sector, plastics recycling is a passion and she has been an active campaigner on reduce use on plastics and has educational events to teach people on why plastics have to be disposed off responsibly and not soiled as she stresses that to clean 1 kilo of soiled plastics 100 litres of water is used, her project, Mr. Recycle which is a educational project on the effects plastics cause when not disposed off responsibly and why people should look towards zero waste seriously of which she is an active supporter. 

Vanita is also looking into how blockchain technology will help change the way plastic waste is collected and how to turn waste into rewards. Her motto ‘small gestures, make big changes’, her pilot plastic collection ATM will soon be on the prototyping stage at the Vintz sponsored iCreate Makerspace.

Mr. Jawahar Patani

He joins our team as consultant on environment and makerspaces, he has a passion for new technology and bridging digital divides and working towards the working environment of the 21st century, he also has a passion for appropriate technology and poverty alleviation, he will bring on board his knowhow on the circular economy and its implementation of waste to wealth, as well as how Internet of Things can be implemented in making waste management smarter through collaboration via makerspaces and incubators.

Grassroots community Involvement

Vintz plastics is committed to building a sustainable society. This begins from the very onset of our process, by working with community-based organizations, Non-governmental organizations as well as community welfare associations who live or work in vulnerable communities living near large dump sites or landfills with the aim of providing employment through the collection and sorting of plastic waste at our collection centres. This makes sure that our impact of sustainability is felt even at the grass roots levels.

Our Impact

Vintz plastics had built on its experience in the industry to pave the way in utilizing waste into wealth for better use of resources. At the core of our operations is recycling towards growing the circular economy at scale. This offers the significant benefits of reduced carbon emissions and a better living environment for humanity, plants and animal life.

Below is breakdown of the amount of plastic waste we have recycled over the last decade.

Our Impact

Over the last 11 years, Vintz plastics has committed its recycling operations to closing the loop in the circular economy, by adopting innovative processes that make it easier to collect, process and remanufacture plastics and solutions that help us make a better positive impact in the environment and local communities through recycling and remanufacturing 54,000 tonnes of plastic waste to date, into high quality products and raw materials.



115 Employees

2,500 Indirect job opportunities

VINTZ PALSTICS recycling and COLLECTION CENTRES Kisumu Nairobi Mombasa Nakuru 115 Employees 2,500 Indirect job opportunities

52,513 Tonnes

of Hard Plastics and
Polythene recycled.

Categories of Plastics
we Recycle.

Over the last 11 years, Vintz plastics has committed its recycling  operations to closing the loop in the circular economy, by adopting innovative processes that make it easier to collect, process and remanufacture plastics and solutions that help us make a better positive impact in the environment and local communities through recycling and remanufacturing 54,000 tonnes of plastic waste to date, into high quality products and raw materials. 

Our tested and tried process uses up to 88% less energy while delivering high quality and durable raw materials and remanufactured plastics.


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