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Vintz plastics, January 2021

Accelerating the Circular Economy

For us to reduce the waste and pollution associated with plastics, we must invest in designing better products, materials and services. This is focused on looking at upstream innovation that includes materials, manufacturing, packaging, shipping and the business model to drive innovation downstream during collection, sorting and recycling.

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recycling tips and life hacks

Life Hacks for easy recycling

By understanding the properties of different plastics, you stand to better know how to recycle. This knowledge helps reduce the burden of sorting out plastics for recycling.

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Brands and industries must recognize the growing consumer need for eco friendly products and adopt sustainable models of operations and manufacturing. Through innovative solutions that close the loops within the circular economy, the opportunities herein will lead to better benefits to businesses from cost savings and better brand perception and realize that embracing innovation will be a strategic advantage to companies that want to address the biggest environmental and sustainability challenges.

Changing how we use Plastics

While the versatility of plastics has helped build the global economy, their usefulness at home and at the office has not been without its challenges.

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